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Chuan Ma Inc. 軒馬企業有限公司

Handlebars,bar ends,Stems,Seat posts,lamps

Today is 21,Nov,2018
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Founded in 2002 , Orion’s team efforts are mute testimony to our relentless

Pursuit of high quality. Many internationally known brands call Orion their supplier!

Orion’s “forte” is in bicycle components but also the same high quality can be found

In the bicycle handle bars, stems, and seat post that Orion currently manufactures.

Orion selects only the best grades of 100 series alloys and carbon fiber to utilize in crafting

the finest production components available.

There is not a day that passes that Orion’s R&D engineers, Orion’s QC inspectors, office staff,

salespeople and able customer service staff are not meeting, talking, and implementing viable

solutions to constantly make our products better and to make it easier for you.


公司名称: Chuan Ma Inc. 軒馬企業有限公司 公司类型: Manufacturer ()
所 在 地: Taiwan 公司规模:
注册资本: 1000000万USD 注册年份: 2002
经营范围: Handlebars,bar ends,Stems,Seat posts,lamps
销售的产品: Handlebar,stem,seat post,bar end,Bed rails,table,Motorcycle Handlebar
Bicycles & Parts / Frames & Frame Parts / Seat Posts & Clamps Bicycles & Parts / Steering Components / Handlebars / Bar Ends Bicycles & Parts / Steering Components / Stems
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